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What defines great breast augmentation? An artist’s eye for symmetry and balance. A delicate touch and deft hand. A doctor who listens to patients, understands, and fulfills their dreams and wishes. A board-certified specialist with the training, background, and depth of experience to achieve results safely.

Do you desire these traits in your plastic surgeon? If so, choose Dr. Michael Horn for your breast augmentation. Dr. Horn is known throughout Chicago for combining artistry and science to achieve exceptional results. Dr. Horn carefully chooses the correct breast implants and procedures to help each patient achieve her best look. Whether the desired look is attention-getting or a natural-looking breast augmentation, Dr. Horn uses his extensive experience and artistry at his Chicago practice to create the shapely, beautiful figure that his patients desire.

Dr. Horn’s artistic eye and extensive experience combine to create extraordinary results. All photographs on this site are the result of Dr. Horn’s exceptional work. Click any image to see the complete breast augmentation case study for each patient. Before breast augmentation at his Chicago practice, Dr. Horn discusses goals and concerns with each patient. Then, he takes time to carefully choose the correct size and shape of saline or silicone breast implants to achieve the look of each of his patient’s dreams.

There are thousands of doctors who perform breast augmentation. Trust your appearance, health, and future to a true artist and expert. Choose Dr. Michael Horn for your breast augmentation in Chicago.

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Breast Augmentation at the Chicago Practice of Dr. Michael Horn

Full, shapely breasts can make any woman feel more feminine, beautiful, and confident. Aesthetic breast enhancement improves the shape, size, and contour of your breasts and provides a nicely balanced figure. At the Chicago practice of Dr. Horn, breast implants are used to create a shapelier, more feminine figure. Breast augmentation is a safe and proven cosmetic surgery, and the vast majority of patients who decide to have the procedure are delighted with the results.

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Welcome to the practice of Breast Augmentation Chicago Dr. Michael A. Horn, M.D. specializing in exceptional breast augmentation in the Chicago area, and the best care in the placement of breast implants. Dr. Horn is known for combining artistry and science to achieve exceptional results for all his patients.

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